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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Yes, my Facebook hiatus lasted about two months, which apparently is the space between two blog posts. So the question is, why did I go back? The answer is really just as non-committal as the reason I left. I didn’t hate the face book. I just didn’t particularly care for it. I did in the intervening two months really fall in love with Twitter. There was only one thing missing from Twitter – the people I knew.

It was not Mark Zuckerberg’s charisma, it was not the coding savvy developers, it was not the myriad swarms of time wasting face book games that won me back. It wasn’t any fixes to privacy policies, or anything that face book did to bring me back. It was the people who I’d left behind. I just missed being able to check in on their lives occasionally. I would have returned to wherever they were, which right now just happens to be Facebook.

I did, however, crack open the block application controls, so the notifications page is much more bearable now.

Well, I’m done here. Time to spend some more time with the wife.