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Monthly Archives: April 2010

It looks like in order to actually get some content on this blog, I need a little push. In this case, the push was some free swag from one of my addictions – and all I would need to do is answer Crazy Kinux’s call to find a way to bring more ladies into Eve Online.

It seems pretty obvious that the usual pulls are not here – and never will be. There will be no dancing spacecraft, no vanity drones, and no fashion. There is an inordinate amount of math and a lot of waiting. So what are us guys to do to get more women in here? And no, alts don’t count. I mean real, live, estrogenated women on the other side of the keyboards. What on earth can be done?

Putting ads in O magazine is not going to do it. The game is not going to pull them in all on its own. There is only one way to bring ’em, boys!

Log out, unplug, and go find them.

That’s right. As difficult as it may be, this may require talking with girls. That fantasy of having girls come to EO on their own, meeting in a chance encounter mining in null-sec, and after initiating a private chat… Nope, it’s not going to happen.

Okay, now let’s say you find one. A real one. And she doesn’t run from you. How can you bring her into our world? Are you familiar with the phrase “tit for tat?” This might hurt.

If you want her to show any interest in New Eden (assuming she doesn’t already, which is kind of the point of this post) you’re going to have to show interest in something she enjoys. They can smell it when you’re faking it. You’re going to have to give it a real chance if you want the same in return. You’re going to see some movies you wouldn’t have chosen to see, and you might be spending some time outside.

You should also pay a decent amount for a good meal together at least once.

Now maybe you can convince her to take that 21 day trial into Eve Online. This is where the balancing act is going to happen. She will not be sucked in right away. She just won’t be. This game has a brutal learning curve. You know that. Help ease her into the necessary bits and get comfortable. Fly with her. Talk with her. This works best if you can be physically in the same room with her. This is not to be done in a chat window. Repeat that point. This is not to be done in a chat window. Not yet.

Now here comes the cruel irony with this whole process – now that you have got her with one foot in New Eden, you may never be able to jump back in fully. Trust me. This is a good thing. You may have lost the 12 hour marathons, but if you keep the balance just right, maybe you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Hopefully you have learned to enjoy some of the things she has shown you, and hopefully she has enjoyed some of the things you have shown her.

And most of all, remember – she needs to be more important than Eve. IF this did not work, IF she does not enjoy it as much as you do, that is NOT a reason to cut her off and try again. But if we all try this, maybe we will get some more Sisters of Eve. Maybe not equilibrium, but better.

Just keep them off the CSM. I do not want vanity drones.

Some other random thoughts from blogs I liked the titles of:

Hmm… maybe I’ll read them…


Change of thought – this blog does not need a theme. A theme serves only to serve the reader’s hunger for order. The reader desires predictability. They say to themselves “I want to read about *blank* so I will read blog x.”

Well this then, will not be blog x. At least not yet. Maybe there will be a them at some point, but it will emerge naturally over time. For now this will be my thought du jour as it were, pardon my french.

Will this offend the reader? I think not, for as of yet, the reader does not exist. And with posts like these, is anybody really surprised?

I believe with just one more post, this blog becomes my second longest lived blog ever. What I need is a theme.